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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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Gross Dam on its way to becoming the tallest dam in the state

The Army Corps of Engineers has greenlighted a $380 million Denver Water project to raise the height of the Gross Dam, tripling its water storage and nearing the end of a path 14 years in the making.

Denver Water CEO Jim Lochhead said the project, which was approved late Friday, was important to add balance and resiliency to the agency’s system. The dam expansion still needs approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to increase its hydropower capacity.

Denver police bring new focus to downtown library amid spike in drug use, illegal activity

The Denver Police Department has begun patrolling the Central Library, amid a spike in drug use and illegal activity that has been the focus of heightened scrutiny in recent months.

Library officials are crediting the increased police presence and other safety measures with a significant decrease in illegal activity this summer. The downtown library has also added cameras, increased waste clean-up around the building and stocked overdose kits on site to treat patrons.

Colorado’s “Amazon tax” law is now in effect. Here’s what it means for shoppers and big sellers.

Seven years and one U.S. Supreme Court decision later, Colorado’s law aimed at prodding online retailers to collect sales taxes took effect this month.

Better known as the “Amazon tax” law, it actually doesn’t change a thing for the dot-com behemoth, because Amazon has been collecting sales taxes in the state since February 2016.


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