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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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How immigrants are vital to the Colorado and U.S. economy

As a Mexican native and U.S. citizen, Luis Estrada initially viewed President Trump’s stance on immigration as political posturing, an effort to score points with his base of supporters.

But he glimpsed a darker attitude toward immigrants when a friend without legal status asked him to serve as guardian of his young son if the time came he were suddenly deported to Mexico.

Unusual security — including witness in disguise — set for Denver terrorism trial

A federal terrorism case that starts Monday in Denver has drawn death threats and prompted unusual security measures, including something rarely seen in any courtroom: One critical witness will take the stand using an alias and wearing a disguise.

A fishing cat was just born at the Denver Zoo. And Miso-Chi is the most adorable thing we’ve seen this week.

The Denver Zoo, lately a factory for insanely cute baby animal photos, on Friday announced its first successful birth of a rare — and insanely adorable — fishing cat.

The 6-week-old cub, named Miso-Chi, is starting to learn to dive for live fish, alongside its equally cute mother at the zoo’s Fishing Cat Lagoon.

Miso-Chi was born Jan. 25 to proud parents Namfon, its mother, and father Ronaldo. The zoo doesn’t yet know if Miso-Chi is a boy or a girl.


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