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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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Use of force advisory board for Denver police struggles with rocky start

For its first two months, a Denver Police Department use-of-force advisory board has been fraught with tension that has included concerns about police manipulating the group, complaints about unorganized leaders, disagreements over where to meet and even name calling among participants.

A new push to stop gerrymandering in Colorado has a secret ingredient: More unaffiliated voters

A year after a similar effort fell apart because of a legal challenge, a bipartisan coalition is back at the drawing board in an attempt to end partisan gerrymandering in Colorado.

Led by the League of Women Voters of Colorado, the coalition is drafting a 2018 ballot initiative that seeks to significantly dilute the power of the two major political parties in the state’s redistricting process, starting after the 2020 census.

Commons Park’s “Stoner Hill” no longer fits the name, and Denver riverfront residents hail the change

For years, the battle of “Stoner Hill” has simmered in Denver’s Commons Park. But neighborhood activist Don Cohen says he recently took in the view at the prominent hill — a feature that has hidden areas of the riverfront park from view and sometimes made it a magnet for the homeless and drug activity — and marveled at a change.

Largely absent this year, thanks to a mix of new security measures and an increasing number of public events, have been the dozens of homeless and transient youths who laid claim to the hill for several recent summers.


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