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Up the Frying Pan in winter

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Colorado faces massive shortage of construction workers. A fix won’t be easy.

In a large warehouse that smells of freshly cut wood in north Denver, 20 adults — including a refugee family from Somalia, a math teacher and a laid-off retail worker — gather in the unfinished frame of a house to take notes on the Pythagorean theorem.

They are hoping that the equation, along with other basic measuring principles, will help them find work at the end of an eight-week construction course.

Dark side of the sun: The U.S. gets a rare total-eclipse crossing

Michelle Nichols speaks with such passion and poetry about the moon passing in front of the sun that she can inspire someone with even the smallest sliver of astronomical knowledge (such as this travel writer) to begin planning a trip to see the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

Denver Police Department issues body cameras to off-duty officers and sergeants

Denver Police Department officers moonlighting at bars, sports events and other off-duty jobs will begin wearing body cameras as the department expands its camera usage, but police critics say the policy still doesn’t go far enough.

The department announced the expansion and an updated body camera policy Friday afternoon, saying officers will start wearing the cameras Saturday when working off-duty assignments. The department’s sergeants began using the cameras in June, said Cmdr. James Henning, who leads the investigative support division.


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