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Comic Con etiquette 101: How to approach celebrities, cosplayers and more

I know it’s hard, really I do, but sometimes you just need to not be an awful person. And when lots of people are squished together—to celebrate nerd culture, well, that’s the time.

Proper etiquette can be hard. (I mean, who doesn’t put their elbows on the dinner table from time to time?)

20 shows and movies to binge ahead of Denver Comic Con 2017

We’re basically in the final sprint for Denver—Comic Con right now.

But what’s going to get you down that last 100-meter stretch to the finish line of nerd culture’s biggest celebs coming to town June 30-July 2? The answer: Binge watching.

To aid you in your hype fest before Comic Con, June 30 to July 2, here’s The Know‘s—guide to binge watching.—Some of these you probably predicted (“Stranger Things”), yet others not so much (“Remember the Titans”). But trust me, all of these are so worth it.

Lakewood PD unit at the forefront of community policing

Dutch Smith spends his workdays differently than a lot of other agents with the Lakewood Police Department.

Rather than going on patrol or responding to calls about crime, Smith and the other agents in the department’s sector liaison unit work on community outreach and crime prevention. Last week Smith walked through a senior living complex and looked at the security of the doors, made sure landscaping didn’t obstruct views and checked for adequate lighting, inside and out.

“They call me the light cop,” Smith said.


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